About Tom Hixon

Meat is badMy name is Tom Hixon (Tommy), I used to love meat, but now after 20 years, I wish to help the world realise that meat is bad for humans, both physically and spiritually. It’s also very cruel and evil to murder animals for food when there is so much alternatives that can give you all the nutrients and protein you need. There are thousands of experts who have done research, but I suggest you make your own decision. Here is a good article on Readers Digest to help you make a decision to become a vegetarian. Readers Digest

Also, since launching this website, I keep getting emailed tens of times a week asking if I have stopped selling meat or have I been hacked. No, Please note I have absolutely nothing to do with Tom Hixson of Smithfields meat company. It’s not my fault their surname is spelt similar. We are not the same nor are related. Their spelling is Tom Hixson with an ‘S’ while mine is the Celtic Hixon. They buy and sell meat from poor animals including the inhuman halal meat as well as meat from countries that have disgusting animal storage and killing facilities. I promote a healthier and a vegetarian lifestyle.

While my goal is to help the world become a better place by one day stopping the cruel act of killing animals for meat. However, Im a realist and I know meat can taste good, so this will probably not be possible in our lifetimes, but we can at least start by understanding how bad meat can be for us, eat less of it, and by donating to charities that promote the wellbeing of organically reared, free to roam animals, (unlike much of the meat supplied by our similar namesake Tom Hixson – especially the foreign type) so at least the poor animals can live a decent life and do not suffer as much as they do now. For instance batteried chickens suffer so much more than organic free roaming chickens, so if you MUST eat meat of any kind, make the choice to at least do what you can to help these poor animals and cut down and only buy from reputable free roaming organic sources.

So my website is dedicated to promoting vegetarianism and to provide people with yummy recipes and links to vegetarian books and other items. All this is paying to run this website so please click on the adverts and buy the books and items on this site.