Why Eating Meat is Bad

October 24, 2016 by  
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Antibiotics In MeatsMeat may seem to be a natural product fundamentally all around the world, however the beef, meats, pork, chicken breast, turkey, plus much more that graces your eating desks in western countries typically hails from animals force fed powerful human hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals.

Currently, six different steroidal human hormones are approved by the FDA for use in meat. They will be the natural human hormones estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, and the fabricated human being hormones trenbolone acetate, progestin melengestrol acetate, and zeranol, which will make farm animals grow fatter and faster and/or produce leaner meat for food. Dairy cattle have a tendency to be healed with recombinant bovine hgh (rBGH) to increase dairy products production. Human hormones are limited in their use in chicken in the U.S. (but it generally does not stop chicken companies around the world from marketing their outrageous wild birds as hormone-free!).

Antibiotics are also regularly directed at pigs, beef, chicken, turkeys increased for food. In some cases, these antibiotics protect animals from the unsanitary and disgusting living conditions within professional feedlots. In other cases, these antibiotics can encourage gaining weight or counter the results of other treatments.

An incredible 80 percent of all antibiotics bought in the U.S. are being applied to livestock. Let that drain in. This rampant use is creating antibiotic-resistant “super bacterias.” When tested, 87 percent of attempted meat instances (turkey, pork, meats, and chicken white meat) were polluted by at least one varieties of antibiotic-resistant bacterias. Doesn’t exactly make you hungry. Doesn’t make that Wagyu beef sound appetising now. In fact, it could kill you. You could be simply taking huge amounts of antibiotics and making yourself resistant, and god forbit if the time comes you need them and your are resistant, got have mercy on your meat eating soul.

Beyond hormones and antibiotics, other drugs are injected into animals to boost enlargement of the meat and growth rates. The drug ractopamine, for example, is fed to pigs, turkeys, and cattle to be sure they produce larger degrees of leaner meat with far less feed. Ractopamine is not approved for individual use, but because it’s placed into resource in the weeks immediately prior to slaughter, traces of the medication stay in meat.

Are your meaty meals clear of antibiotics or human hormones? Probability not. The best way to be sure your meat is clear of drugs, hormones, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria is to buy natural and organic meat replacement products and become a vegetarian. As far as my own research shows, no butcher can be trusted, unless you know him well, and he uses one farm and does not buy meat from other sources.